Minu unistuste päev

Dream Day  of Evelina

The most important meeting

Evelina’s dream day started on a Thursday morning. Dream Day team member Jarek had picked up our neat rental Toyota Prius from Amserv Järve on a previous day for a safe and comfortable journey. Our hero Evelina, her sister Karoliina and their father were all ready to start the adventure. We waved goodbye to the siblings and mom who were all excited for them. Trip to Klaipeda could start!

Reaching our destination

The first surprise was in about 30 minutes after the departure. The family was welcomed by our volunteers Reelika and Rita, who had brought them a goodie-bag from R-kiosk, so our travelers could eat well during the ride. The sisters also received amazing custom made t-shirts from We Print. New clothes on and stomachs filled, the journey to the Latvian border went by really fast! At the border point we stretched our legs, took wonderful photos, and continued the journey towards Lithuania. The car ride was a lot of fun and the girls fathers sense of humor and good singing skills made the trip even more hilarious. In the evening we arrived at Ibis Styles Klaipeda Aurora Hotel. Dinner that night was delicious and when we fell asleep, we all were very excited – the dream came closer and closer...

The most important meeting

We took the Klaipėda ferry across the river to the Lithuanian Sea Museum, where was also our most important destination - the dolphinarium. We walked on a beautiful promenade, had ice-cream and wonderful waffles. We took an old-fashioned carriage which was mounted by a gorgeous horse and admired the different clouds in the sky. And then it was time! Meeting with the world's smartest and most wonderful animal- the dolphin. Kalipso and a pink swimming hat on, we looked how Evelina was taken by dolphin trainer Vida to the pool area. At first they just looked at each other - Evelina and the dolphin, apparently changing only messages they understood. The dolphin approached, touched the girl's nose and invited her to swim. A moment later, they were already swimming, communicating and having fun. Evelina was also taught how to interact with dolphins - as she raised her hands, the dolphin made such a mighty salto that it felt like even we got wet behind the glass when it splashed in the water. When Evelina drew her hands through the water from right to left, the dolphin swirled around and called Evelina to swim. They swam very slowly together in a large pool, Evelina safely on the dolphins belly.

Even Evelina’s family and volunteers got a chance to meet with the clever dolphin when their meeting ended. We patted the dolphin and thanked him for making the brave girl’s dream come true. And at the moment when we raised our hands for goodbye, the dolphin dipped into the water and flipped his tail towards us. Thousands of emotions and good feelings and something you just can not put into words...

We thanked Vida with Estonian chocolate, a thank-you letter and long strong hugs. Evelina had a big smile and she said: "Dolphin tried to tell me something very important!"

The Sea Museum and endless sandy beach

We had an early dinner at a nice cafe in the dolphinarium where we could see the dolphins swimming in their large pool and wisely looking at the people. Evelina thoughtfully said, that she would really like to know what they think, but this will be a mystery of its own. Our day continued with adventures at the Sea Museum. We saw the seals, who proudly demonstrated everything they were taught. We met little funny penguins, and according to Evelinas words “only on a single day, millions of her dreams came true”! We ended our day by wandering barefoot on the waves in the sandy coast of the endlessly seeming Nida Peninsula. We built sandcastles, picked up shells and listened to how the sands were singing.

Coming back home

Looking at Evelina's brilliant eyes and enthusiasm, how she spoke about her day in the evening, we went to bed our faces fulfilled with smiles. On Saturday it was time to go home. The car ride went by talking about the adventurous trip. We arrived back to Estonia in the evening. We hugged each other for a long time and thanked Evelina for inviting us along to her adventure. It was indeed a day of dreams where there were millions of dreams which all came true!

VOLUNTEERS: Reelika Paart, Rita Mesi, Jarek Jänese, Kersti Urbala


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